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Problems like pollution, toxic waste, global warming are increasing on such a frightening speed, that many specialists believe we might no longer reverse them if we don’t act now.

Our planet urges for initiatives that help us change this reality. Initiatives focused on the development of a circular economy, with social and environmental positive impact. Initiatives that help to build a GLOBAL CULTURE SHIFT.

Our wide range of materials come from responsible and sustainable producers that care about us and the environment.



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Innovation, quality and sustainability

Nova Kaeru works with global, ethical, sustainable and innovative products, believing in the balance between nature and people, enabling the true relationship of conscious consumption.

Recognized as a pioneering company in the field of organic tanning, Nova Kaeru cleverly combines the production of plant and fish (pirarucu) biofabrics, with total respect for the environment, from the raw material up to the final product.

In 2019, Nova Kaeru launched the beLEAF ™ technology from the tanning of the elephant ear plant, creating a vegan biotype with characteristics similar to leather. The product received, in that same year, the APFL Award in the category "Best Natural Material".


Derived from natural fibers. An environmentally friendly product.

Working for 60 years in Brazilian market, Torcetex brings wires and fabric straw for the whole national market. The tradition and quality meets the enchantment and satisfaction of our partners.

​Thinking about the specific needs of each market area, Torcetex has expanded its range of product lines to meet all needs. There are more than 12 lines aimed at the most varied markets such as: furniture, decoration, pergolas, fashion, accessories, fans, etc.

Only between patterns and colors, there are more than 900 models of straw, and if we consider the possibilities of applications


Handcrafted mattresses and beds made from sustainable, ethical, and natural materials.

That is our love and passion.

Tyipa® has established its position in the world of sleep comfort by developing and dressing beds in an ecological manner. Founded by Hans de Jong, all beds are crafted with dedication and sustainable craftsmanship.

The essence of Tyipa® lies in the use of natural materials such as wool, recycled cotton, flax, bonded foam, and horsehair, which not only contribute to your health but also provide optimal body support. Each bed is meticulously crafted with love and passion in our own workshop. Tyipa® offers custom beds for hotels, boats, and other unique spaces.


Embrace Global Green

With a deep-rooted concern for our beloved planet, we have wholeheartedly embraced sustainable production methods. These methods are invaluable when it comes to nurturing our nature and safeguarding our environment.

Under the brand CLRD, Clochard Fabrics aspires to be a pioneer in the transition to using recycled materials, without compromising on the unparalleled quality and aesthetics we offer.

Our collection of recycled upholstery fabrics is born from

100% recycled textiles. Crafting fabrics without leaving a trace

of waste behind contributes to a minuscule ecological footprint. This enables us to play a crucial role in protecting our climate.

Our range of recycled materials includes a beautiful selection

of upholstery fabrics, curtain fabrics, and carpets. Together, we form a movement that pays tribute to the beauty of our world

while building a sustainable future.

We inspire you with the most exquisite fabrics!


In the present time, with increased global awareness of sustainability and eco-friendly products, we would like to highlight the use of genuine old reclaimed wood.

Heywood sources wood that is extracted from ancient decayed constructions such as homes, barns, farms and cabins. This centuries old wood has already served multiple lifetimes. Instead of letting it go to waste, we bring new life into it by converting it into rich and warm oak flooring.

The character of the outer part of the old reclaimed oak with all its colour and textural differences, is preserved as much as possible, by just lightly brushing its rough and authentic surface without any further finishing. The inner part of the old reclaimed construction oak is characterized by textured sawmarks that result during the sawing of the lumber. Poor areas in the wood are repaired with inserts, and finally the surface is smoothly brushed.

The reclaimed oak is cut to multiple widths, making use of as much of the original lumber as possible, and then profiled with tongue & groove for ease of installation. Next to mixed width random lengths flooring, we also offer herringbone, chevron, Versailles panels and other patterns.

For wall and/or ceiling cladding this collection is complemented with reclaimed solid barnwood.

Our genuine Old Reclaimed Wood of 80-200 years old Oak


Prime Old Wood creates furniture and floors with character from exclusive wood with a rich past. These timeless ‘statement pieces’ are carefully crafted by hand using age-old woodworking techniques.

Wood is a unique natural material that with weather and intensive use only becomes more attractive. Prime Old Wood selects woods with a unique history and patina. Like the rare bog-oak, which acquires its characteristic dark colour and structure after centuries of maturing in peat bogs, thanks to minerals, iron and tannin.

Our experienced woodworkers and furniture makers capture the lived-in character of each log, beam or plank, and translate it with pure craftsmanship into a unique piece of

furniture or exclusive floor


Fair Old Wood meets the requirements off the FSC recycled label.

Reclaim the past, to save the future

gives reclaimed wood with character new life in timeless quality furniture and floors that contribute to a sustainable future. Each piece of furniture and floor board is handcrafted according to centuries-old woodworking traditions.

Reclaimed wood is pre-eminently a circular material that fits into a sustainable future. By giving old wood reclaimed from homes and sheds a second life, CO2 is captured inside the wood and no new trees need to be felled.

The wood from the Balkans is carefully selected, cleaned and inspected. Then, with minimal losses and retaining original patina and structure, our highly-skilled cabinetmakers turn each board, beam or floor board into furniture pieces with a pure and authentic character.


The Colosseum in Rome, the Guggenheim in Bilbao... buildings that everyone knows. As an international leader in the world of Green Building, Kerakoll has made significant contributions to these iconic structures. With solutions that respect the environment and humanity, Kerakoll has become a trusted architectural partner over the years, serving major organizations and participating in the restoration of authentic World Heritage places.

Kerakoll has established a remarkable presence in the construction materials market, earning a dominant position in the realm of Green Building. This is evident in their extensive portfolio of renowned clients, including McDonald's, Armani, BMW, Ferrari, Zara, Diesel, Ikea, Mercedes, Dolce & Gabbana, Swatch, and Coca-Cola.

The same commitment to sustainability and innovation extends to the Kerakoll Color Collection. This collection meets all stringent Green Building requirements, making it the ideal choice for those who prioritize environmentally responsible construction or renovation projects. So, if Green Building is a top priority for you or your clients, the products from the Kerakoll Color Collection offer a proven way to contribute to responsible building and renovation.

Kerakoll Design introduces the Color Collection, showcasing colors and surfaces for contemporary living.

Handmade perfection with sustainable materials.

By making use of developments related to sustainability, RUIGHUID processes raw materials that are given a second life in its products. Additionally, this label utilizes leather types that are primarily vegetable-tanned.

That's why RUIGHUID opts for basic forms where the sustainable material, construction, and connections are visible as part of the outcome. The artisanal signature continues to be applied by RUIGHUID when working with these newly developed raw materials and materials.

It's a unique challenge for a designer to have the opportunity to work with these sustainable materials and surprise the user with the product.

The RUIGHUID label, as a participant in Global Green, serves as a building block to raise consumer awareness and allow them to experience what is possible in the field of design using sustainable raw materials.


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